Standard Domite Product Welding Wear Buttons WB60

Part No. WB60 / WB 60 / WDB60
Weight    0.7 Kg
Type:  Wear Button & Donut
Applications: Bucket. Adaptor protection. Conveyor transfer points. Excavators. Loaders. Bolt protection.



Standard Domite Product Welding Wear Buttons WB60, Bimetallic Reinforcements, ASTM A532 Bimetallic Wear Button For Bucket Protection And Bucket Repair, Domite Hardness 63HRC/700HB High Chromium White Iron Wear Buttons, Wear Resistant Wear Donuts Dots Blocks, bucket wear solutions for earthmoving machines, construction & mining equipment China supplier factory

Standard Domite Product Welding Wear Buttons WB60 Detail Information
Part Number: WB60 , WDB60
Size (mm): 60×27
Dimensions (mm): A: 60 B:27 C:17 D:10
N.W. (KG):   0.70
Applications: Bucket and shovel protection, tooth adapter protection, and bucket side wall protection.

Bucket Reinforcement
Our range of bimetallic reinforcements for buckets is designed to provide maximum protection against abrasion on a day to day basis.
• Chocky bars and wear buttons. Available in different sizes.
• Provide great wear resistance and are easy to weld on the bucket.
• Placed in areas subjected to greatest wear to reduce bucket maintenance and extend service life.
Additionally, we offer rolled wear steel skids, reinforcements and blades of 400/450 and 500 HB.

The instructions below are universal guidelines for:
Welding Chocky Bars
Welding Wear Strips,
Welding Wear Plates and
Welding Wear Buttons
These wear protection parts work to protect the edges of buckets that make contact with the ground while digging. By undergoing proper preperation and welding, you will prolong the life of your bucket significantly.

Prior to welding chocky bars, read instructions on cutting and forming first.

Ensure the backing plate and matting metal surface is clean and flat. Bi-metal Wear Buttons 75×27MM
Welding rod selection: Low hydrogen weld rods or gas covered cored wire is recommended. Gas shielded solid MIG wire Ø1,2mm max Flux cored wire Ø1,6mm max to ASTM/AWS A5.18 classification ER705-6 Low hyrodgen electrode Ø3,25mm max t ASTM/AWS A5.1 classification.
Do not preheat the chocky bars Hardness HRC63 Wear Buttons Diameter 60mm WB60
Clamp and tack weld the part in to position. Loader Dozer Excavator Spare Parts WB60 Wear Button
Stitch weld, laying 50mm maximum length on each run. Alternate ends or sides to minimise heat input.
Do not deposit weld within 2mm from joint between part and steel backing plate. Excavator Attachment Wear Button Dot WB75 WDB75

Product Dimensions

PART NO. Size(mm) Dimension N.W(kg)
WB 60 dia.60×27 60 27 17 10 0.7
WB 75 dia.75×27 75 27 17 10 0.9
WB 90 dia.90×27 90 27 17 10 1.4
WB 110 dia.110×32 110 32 20 12 2.1
WB 115 dia.115×32 115 32 20 12 2.5
WB 150 dia.150×41 150 41 25 16 5.7
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