Standard Volvo Hydraulic Excavator Ripper

Part No.  SJVRS
Weight     KGS
Brand Name Custom Logo
Replacement Brand VOLVO



Standard Volvo Hydraulic Excavator Ripper for Digging and Loading, Volvo Soil Earth Frost Ripper, Heavy Single Shank for Volvo Excavator, Ripper Shanks with Teeth, Volvo style Standard Heavy Duty Pin-on Ripper, Single Shank / Multi-Shank Tyne Rippers, Stump Ripper, Frost Ripper, Heavy Industry Equipment High Hardness Hard Rock Ripper, Aftermarket OEM Replacement Volvo Ripper System and  Protection Parts, OEM GET Spare Parts China Supplier

Standard Volvo Hydraulic Excavator Ripper for Digging and Loading, Buy Scarifier & Ripper  SJVRS  replacement Volvo genuine, new aftermarket dozer grader parts with delivery.

It is used for digging cracking rock, impact frozen soil,also used for digging asphalt pavement,cracking and splitting hard soil,solid rock,Wind fossils,so as to excavating and handling by excavator bucket.
1 set sheet steel high strength, easy to install, easy to use.
2 installed with high strength ripper Teeth, strongman capacity digging
3 suitable for digging and load simultaneously, high efficiency
4 convenient for pushing hard substances like rockwork hard granite, frozen flooring, stone and gradient you for facilitating the operation later
Application:breaking frozen ground, clay, frost, or rock rich soils.
Suitable Excavator:1-80 Ton Excavator
Location, Ningbo,Chinawe specializes in Excavator Ripper and Rakes for different excavators.
Ripper is a sharp tool for breaking of hard earth, sub-hard stone and weathered stone.Convenient for buckets digging and loading.

Overall Width(mm)375420570660740
Overall Height(mm)500600100012001400
Pin Diameter(mm)40-5050-5560-7070-8080-90

4N2230 HOSE7X0293 BOLT7K9686 BEARING7E8729 INJECTOR G7T4781 SHOE7X0375 BOLT8F1315 SCREW A7D3182 RACE OUTER7G2481 GEAR PLANET7G2704 PAD A7G7198 RING8N8109 GASKET6T5545 DOWEL8T8566 TERMINAL A7M0031 HOSE6V5014 SEAL7E3513 INJECTOR G7W5838 EJECTOR A8N2516 BONNET9N1625 VALVE9Y8241 WIRE A9L7028 DOWEL9X6474 KIT GASKET0337291 RIVET9L9424 SPRING0314630 BOLT1104737 RING RETAIN1005421 SEAL GP1171495 SEAL-O-RING1139558 GASKET0951751 O-RING0964876 NUT  Volvo Soil Earth Frost Ripper 17-23TON

1540729 SEAL-LIP TYP1267924 DISC FRICTIO1573106 BOGIE-MINOR1450170 BEARING MAIN1746818 BEARING1243243 CM SEAL1546747 RING WEAR1559879 SEAL GP-DUO1663365 V-BELT SET15432-11630 SHOE 26 STD D71M8800 SHOE 26 STD D7295T TOOTH- TIGER9K8550T TRACK PIN9M8025 CHAMBER ASSYAC2539 O RINGAK17 L/H TRACK LINKCR2086 SHOE 26 STD D7CR2086 26 SHOE 26 STD D7CR2455 BOLTCR3001V D/F ROLLER GRP – D3CR3573T TRACK PINCR3694/20 SHOE 20 ESS – D6DKM259/20 SHOE 20 – D50 510MM7/8X3 PLOW BOLT (30)

133-9306 GUIDE-VALV4I9408 GASKET969554 GASKETID1820 IDLER GRP – JD450H-FRONT3909411 OIL SEAL DOUBLE LIP 6CT5850-V29 ADAPTER, ESCOFF5323 FUEL FILTER85010C KIT, BEARING85035 KIT, BEARINGFT2492/425V TRACK SHOE FL146L8355 PLUGKM4591/560 GRSR 1B 22″11988423 THERMOSTAT4899228 GASKET, VALVE COVER QSB 4.5AR83610 KIT, CYL 6466DRE26282 SHAFT, BALANCER R/HT26321 BUSHING, TIM.GEAR LO.M806811 GASKET, HEAD, 3TNE/V88VO11988423 REGULATORLFF870 FILTER SUITABLE 1R0756BQP551317 FILTER SUITABLE 1R0756BQPF7655 FILTER SUITABLE 1R0756BQ055070 BOLT2485C025 REGULATORPK2485C025 REGULATORPK Ready Newly Added GET Parts  Volvo Excavator Attachments Hydraulic Vibro Ripper

2485C036 REGULATOR604724 REGULATORMT604724 REGULATOR6810-61-1340 REGULATOR6810611340 REGULATORP2485C025 REGULATOR02/201544 REGULATOR02/202107 REGULATOR02201544 REGULATOR02202107 REGULATORJC02/201544 REGULATORJC02/202107 REGULATORJC02201544 REGULATORJC02202107 REGULATOR5G0843 LININGBQ10305421 FILTER SUITABLE 1R0756BQVOE11988423 THERMOSTATE11988423 THERMOSTATKM1088/16 GRSR 1B D31A-P  Volvo Excavator Ripper Single Shank Ripper for Sale

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