Ripper Shank

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NBSJ Ripper Shanks are made of highest quality carbon steel, a wear resistant material with superior hardness to ensure maximum strength.

Ripper shanks are an essential component on the back of any bulldozer. The ripper shank is a long, hook-resembling tool that rips into the ground. The ripper shank is ideal for breaking up hard, compacted soil. It has become a popular alternative to drilling or clearing surface materials.

Ripper Shank
Ripper Shank

Ripper shanks in genuine NBSJ wear plate can take a beating. Whether you need to break up rocks, hardpan or other densely compacted materials, or furrow cultivated soil, our ripper shanks will break up the material into small pieces that are easy to handle and transport.

The shank is sensitive to 90-degree turns by inexperienced drivers and can break easily. It can also break due to the impact from large rocks. Alloy Steel have been proven to withstand breaking thanks to their toughness properties.

An operator can use a ripper shank to break up compacted dirt. Tough, compacted soil or roots can be a challenge for some types of construction machinery. But with a ripper shank attachment, any piece of equipment can more easily tear through the soil.

Single vs. Multi- Ripper Shanks

There are multiple rippers that can be used on the job site—those being the single shank and multi-ripper shank variations. To determine which is suitable for your equipment, you will need to analyze what you will be using the shanks for. The main difference between these two types of rippers is self-explanatory. The single shank is what it sounds like—a single long blade used for more targeted ripping.  If you need pre-production ripping of deeper soil to create an ideal starting point for your construction job, then a single shank is ideal.

On the other hand, multi-ripper shanks are more suited for variable conditions where not as much development ripping is needed. Typically, it is suited for conditions that are not as hard or where depth is not as critical. The multi-ripper is particularly good for pre-ripping to make the job site easier for other equipment to operate on.

We can produce single shanks or multi-shanks.

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