Ripper Shank

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NBSJ Ripper Shanks are made of highest quality carbon steel, a wear resistant material with superior hardness to ensure maximum strength.

Ripper shanks are an essential component on the back of any bulldozer. The ripper shank is a long, hook-resembling tool that rips into the ground. The ripper shank is ideal for breaking up hard, compacted soil. It has become a popular alternative to drilling or clearing surface materials.

Ripper Shank
Ripper Shank

Ripper shanks in genuine NBSJ wear plate can take a beating. Whether you need to break up rocks, hardpan or other densely compacted materials, or furrow cultivated soil, our ripper shanks will break up the material into small pieces that are easy to handle and transport.

We can produce single shanks or multi-shanks.

OEMDozerWeight, kgSize, mm
198-79-11630 (198-79-11400)D455, D47512711204602800
195-79-51110 (195-79-51151)D375677954002350
195-79-31140 (195-79-31141)D275, D355667904002350
195-78-41190 (195-78-41191)D275, D375489903601800
175-78-21614 (175-78-21615)D155330753301640
4T-8989, 4T8989D8R415753302100
9W-6167, 9W6167D9N464753302325
4T-8990, 4T8990D8R320753301610
7J-1792, 7J1792D8R528903552150
8E-8414, 8E8414D9R603903552325
8E-8416, 8E8416D9R725903552825
114-4503, 1144503D9R603903552325
9W-8366 (8E-8411), 9W8366 (8E8411)D10R710903802600
8E-8413, 8E8413D10R6621004001970
8E-8412, 8E8412D10R, D10T9221004002800
8E-1466, 8E1466D11N, D11R11701104502825
9W-9277 (7T-6020), 9W9277 (7T6020)D119901104502733
8E-0467, 8E0467D119901104502733
104-9277, 1049277D119901104502733
9W-0259, 9W0259D1111901104503290
8E-1466, 8E1466D1112151104503290
104-9275, 1049275D1112151104503290
6Y-5616 (3G-6507), 6Y5616 (3G6507)D115701004001980
1U-4873, 1U4873D115701004001980
7T-5131, 7T5131D115701004001980
8E-8413, 8E8413D115701004001980
1U-4592, 1U4592D118451004002812
6Y-4679, 6Y4679D108451004002812
8E-8412, 8E8412D108201004002812
3G-6507, 3G6507D105701004001980
8E-8413, 8E8413D105701004001980
3G-2088, 3G2088D10555903552325
9W-4426, 9W4426D10565903552325
6Y-6138, 6Y6138D10555903552325
9W-8366, 9W8366D10635903802510
8E-8414, 8E8414D10625903552325
8E-8411, 8E8411D10625903802510
3G-8566, 3G8566D10690903552825
9W-4427, 9W4427D10570903252825
6Y-6144, 6Y6144D10690903552825
6Y-6147, 6Y6147D10715903806997
8E-8417, 8E8417D10715903802997
9J-5954, 9J5954D10460903551809
6Y-6141, 6Y6141D10445903551819
8E-8415, 8E8415D10445903551820
118-2140, 1182140D107151004002510
7J-1792, 7J1792D10470903552142
7J-1793, 7J1793D9605903552700
7J-1794, 7J1794D9315753301763
8E-5345, 8E5345D9315753301763
9W-4426, 9W4426D9555903552325
9W-4427, 9W4427D9570903552825
8E-8414, 8E8414D9625903552325
6Y-6144, 6Y6144D9690903552825
8E-8416, 8E8416D9690903552825
9W-6167, 9W6167D9430753302318
8E-5339, 8E5339D9417753302332
4T-8988, 4T8988D9510753302761
8E-5348, 8E5348D9510753302760
4T-8990, 4T8990D9295753301610
8E-5346, 8E5346D9295753301610
8E-5339, 8E5339D9417753302332
4T-8988, 4T8988D9510753302761
8E-8414, 8E8414D9625903552325
8E-5347, 8E5347D9357753302020
4T-0134, 4T0134D9430753302454
8E-5340, 8E5340D8430753302460
7J-1792, 7J1792D8470903552142
7J-1793, 7J1793D8605903552700
4T-0135, 4T0135D8350753301910
8E-5342, 8E5342D8350753301910
4T-0134, 4T0134D8430753302454
8E-5340, 8E5340D8430753302460
4T-0136, 4T0136D8275753301500
9W-7382, 9W7382D8140752281240
9J-3139, 9J3139D87175176711
8E-5341, 8E5341D8275753301500
9J-8923, 9J8923D75775176667
7J-6671, 7J6671D76575176860
9J-6586, 9J6586D53059138533
8J-5299, 8J5299D4203575438

We offer shanks as ready-assembled, as without a crown and protector. It reduces transportation costs and allows to apply wearing items based on your preference.
It is also possible to produce ripper shanks according to individual drawings, from 10 to 140 mm thick.

All produced goods have an individual number with the date of production for subsequent identification.

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