Hyundai Side Cutter

Replacement Hyundai Side Cutter – Hyundai style Sidecutters are bolt-on, replaceable wear surfaces to protect bucket sides and lower bucket maintenance costs. Sharpened sidecutters provide better bucket penetration, increase bucket width and headed capacity for bigger payloads and ultimately saving you both time and money.

Model.Parts No. Weight
R45/50/5561M5-30270/30280        2.7
R130/200/21061E3-3033/3034      10.2
R200/210/290/32063E1-3533/3534      20.0
R360/45061E7-0102/0103      30.0

Sidecutters improve penetration, increase bucket capacity and cutting width, and offer increased side bar protection.
Strike Off: Half arrow profile, moderate to average digging.
One-Piece: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, average digging
Blade-type: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, drilled to accept optional extension plate.
Heavy Duty: Increased wear and side bar protection, tough digging conditions.

NBSJ Excavator Bucket Sidecutters improve penetration, increase bucket capacity & cutting width and offer side bar bucket protection. Replacement Hyundai Side Cutter Sidecutters are hicker than the bucket side, thus improving the lifespan of the bucket while meeting the demanding requirements of tough digging conditions in earthmoving and mining applications.

NBSJ Bucket Side Cutters are bolt-on, making it easy to replace.

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