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NBSJ can provide top carrier rollers for machinery from a wide array of manufacturers.

Our heavy duty top rollers guide tracks over the undercarriage frame and are designed to guaranteed performance for each application and are manufactured with reinforced flanges and heavy duty seals for increased wear life and reliability.

Carrier Roller is an important part of belt conveyor, with many kinds and large quantity. The function is to support the belt, reduce the running resistance of the belt, and make the verticality of the belt not exceed a certain limit to ensure the smooth running of the belt.

According to their uses, the rollers are classified as centering rollers, buffer rollers, grooved rollers and parallel rollers. The function of centering rollers is to correct the runout of belt conveyor, usually rotary slotted centering rollers are installed on the heavy load section of the conveyor, and parallel centering rollers are installed on the no-load section. Buffer rollers are applied to the tailstock according to the actual situation. When receiving material, it can reduce the impact of material on the belt, which is conducive to the service life along the long belt. Slotted roller is generally composed of two side rollers and one flat roller, the slot angle is generally 30 degrees, for the detachable belt conveyor, the three rollers of slotted roller are hinged together with each other, so it is called articulated roller. The parallel roller is generally a long roller, which is installed at the lower end of bearing pressure, so it is called the lower roller.

Top Carrier Rollers
Top Carrier Rollers

The rollers are divided into steel and plastic rollers in terms of material. There are three kinds of bearing seats for the rollers, such as cast iron and steel plate stamping and phenolic plastic.

The sealing of the rollers is divided into steel and plastic. Their seals are filled with grease inside. The good or bad of the roller directly affects the power consumption of the belt conveyor and the life of the belt. Therefore, reliable dustproof seal and good lubrication are important criteria for use.

The quality of the rollers is especially important as they account for 35% of the total cost of a belt conveyor and generate more than 70% of the resistance.

Transport rollers are used in steel mills with annealing lines for cold-rolled stainless steel strip to transport the goods through the annealing furnace. These come into direct contact with the glowing steel strip and guarantee a high-quality strip surface.

The carrier roller is a makes the crawler chains from rubbing against the chassis and which is rotating around the spindle in contact with the pallet chain. The track roller is a rotates around the spindle in contact with the pallet chain on crawler construction and excavation machines.

Carrier – top rollers for excavators, bulldozers, mini excavators. If you can’t finde the part, please feel free and contact us, we will help you to finde right one.

ApplicationPart No.
229, 231, 2358E4576
315, 318B, 320E, E200B8E5600
320S, 325, 3306Y5323
345B, 330C3004610
365B, 365C3004611
365B, 375, 375L6Y8168
D3B/C, D4B/C6S3609
D5, 5615A8374
D5M, D4H, 9396K9880
D6, 9633T3206
D6M, D5H, 953C, 953B6Y3908
D6R, D6H, 9636Y1781
D7E, D7F, D7G, D7H1P8717
D8, D8H, 245, 9838P6256
D8R, D8N8E0400
D9, 5943P3403
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