Track and Carrier Rollers are mounted to the bottom of the track frame, they carry the weight of the machine while it is traveling and digging. Roller friction and shock loads transmitted from the track chain create heat in the interior of rollers and on the roller surface, so they are expected to wear over time. At NBSJ, we take several steps to longer the wear life.

NBSJ offers a wide range of track rollers for the most popular machine models. All rollers are engineered with forged alloy steel which undergoes a proper heat treatment allowing durability for wear and impact. They are produced with cutting edge processes such as rotary friction welding robots and induction heat treatments to ensure proper hardness levels. Our rollers are highly praised in the market as a product with a long wear life, and impact resistance.

Roller body: We purchase 40MnB from high quality steel plant. After quenching, medium frequency induction hardening and tempering, reaching an ultimate surface hardness at 53-58HRC, and hardening depth at more than 4.5mm, which could be around 2mm deeper than a poorly heat-treated product.

Roller seals: Seals are with 3% of Mo (Molybdenum) , and a lifetime at 3000-5000 hours. Compared to seals that with 0.5% Mo or lower, our lifetime could be 2000-3000 hours longer.

Roller shafts: Highly polished to reduce friction to extend roller life, surface roughness is less than Ra 0.4, which is much higher than the common roughness Ra 0.8-1.6. Also, the bar goes through quenching, medium frequency induction hardening and tempering.

High standards: We buy high quality steel bars, then machine them to required sizes. For example, when the OEM shaft size is 65mm, we would not use bar with diameter at 60mm or even 58mm (both are existing sizes in the steel market), instead, we use 70mm diameter bar to machine it down to 65mm, to ensure the full OEM size and weight, also, to get rid of any possible defects on the surface of raw steel.

Track and Carrier Rollers
Track and Carrier Rollers

Our top and bottom track rollers are designed for excellent performance in the toughest environments for all types of dozers and crawlers. Our lines of lower track rollers and the upper carrier rollers are designed to hold up in the most challenging conditions. We have a wide range of aftermarket rollers to fit all common equipment models and makes from the top manufacturers: CATERPILLAR, CASE, DAEWOO-DOOSAN, FIAT-NEW HOLLAND, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, JCB, KOBELCO, KOMATSU, LIEBHERR, SAMSUNG-VOLVO, JOHN DEERE and more.

CAT Dozer Models
CAT 963K Track Dozer Undercarriage
Caterpillar Track Dozers – D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8T, D9, D9T, D10T2, D11, D11 CD
Caterpillar Wheel Dozers – 814, 814k, 824k, 834k, 844k, 854k

CAT Excavator Models
CAT 345BL Excavator Undercarriage Digging in Dirt
Mini Excavators – 300.9D, 301.5, 301.7 CR, 301.8, 302 CR, 303E CR, 304E2 CR, 305E2 CR, 306 CR, 307.5, 308, 309 CR, 310
Small Excavators – 311F L RR, 313 GC, 313, 315 GC, 315, 316F L, 317, 318F L
Medium Excavators – 320 GC , 320, 323, 325, 326, 330, 330 GC, 335, 335F L
Large Excavators – 336 GC, 336, 349, 352, 352 F, 374, 395
Specialty – 340, 345BL, 352 UHD, 340 Long Reach, 352 LRE,
Wheel Excavators – M314, M315 (2017), M316F (2017), M319, M316, M318, M320, M320F (2017)

CAT Skid Steer and Loader Models
Old CAT 236 Skid Steer Repaired with aftermarket undercarriage parts
Compact Track Loaders – 239, 249, 259, 279, 289 299 (D3 & D3 XE Series)
Skid Steer Loaders – 226, 232, 236, 242, 246, 262, 272 (D3 & D3 XE Series)

Single Flance Rollers

ApplicationPart No.
215, 219, 2258E4573
215B, 2258E7494
215C, 219D, 225D8E4623
245B/D, 235D8E0830
315, 315B, 345, 320/B/C/D163-4143
322, 324D, 325B163-4147
322, 325D, 330D L163-4145
325D, 330B, 330D L179-1486
330, 345C, 365B, 374D, 385C178-7288
345C, 350189-0475
375, 385C/B, 390D185-5065
955K, 951BC, D5118-1611
D3, D3B/C/G, D4B/C/G3T4352
D4D, D6D118-1608
D4H, D5C/G/H/M/N124-8237
ApplicationPart No.
D5B, D5H, D5N, D6, D6B121-0824
D6C, D6R, D6T118-1614
D7F, D7R124-8250
D8H, D8K6P4897
D9G, D9H8P5605
D10T, D10R195-5855
E110, E120B, 311/B, 312/B4I7346
E180/B, E240965260
E300B, EL300B854973
E110, E120B, 311/B, 312/B4I7346
E300B, EL300B854973

Double Flange Rollers

Top Roller

ApplicationPart No.
229, 231, 2358E4576
315, 318B, 320E, E200B8E5600
320S, 325, 3306Y5323
345B, 330C300-4610
365B, 365C300-4611
365B, 375, 375L6Y8168
D3B/C, D4B/C6S3609
D5, 5615A8374
D5M, D4H, 9396K9880
D6, 9633T3206
D6M, D5H, 953C, 953B6Y3908
D6R, D6H, 9636Y1781
D7E, D7F, D7G, D7H1P8717
D8, D8H, 245, 9838P6256
D8R, D8N8E0400
D9, 5943P3403

Mini Excavator Rollers

ApplicationTypePart No.
279C, 289C, 299CT.F304-1890
302.5, 303, 303.5C.F266-8793
302.5, 303.5N/A185-7280
302.5, 303.5S.F146-6064
303.5CCR, 304EN/A266-8794
304.5, 305.5S.F172-1764
304C CR, 305C CRN/A265-7674
304C CR, 305C CRN/A265-7675
307, 307B, 308DS.F127-3807
307, 308, E70BN/A277-8576
315, 315B, E307S.F127-3806
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