Track Chains

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We supply track chains for any type of crawler machine, from standard to special applications such as conveyors, bucket wheel excavators, and subsea diamond dredgers.

All our chains are developed by our R&D department in cooperation with our Product Support Specialists who have built up significant expertise in all kind of applications and tirelessly test our products in close partnership with our customers. Innovative materials, new geometries and special heat treatments on all components (pins, bushings and links) guarantee maximum performance and longer wear life.

Track chains and groups function to allow crawler-type heavy machinery to move efficiently. These track chains and groups are made up of flexible links that are connected together by fittings called pins and bushings. There are two types of track chains that exist for heavy machinery: dry chains and lubricated chains. As the name implies, the differences lie in the amount of lubrication on the track’s pins and bushings, which can impact cost and the amount of wear a track receives over time.

Track Chains ranging from link pitch 90 mm to link pitch 350 mm – and above for cast monoblock designs.

Dry track chains, sealed and greased excavator track chains, lubricated chains for high performance applications.

New sealed and lubricated chains for mining dozers:

– Selectively anti-scallop versions are available.

– Additional surface coating treatment of the track pin significantly reduces the pin’s galling phenomenon.

New monoblock configuration for mining excavator over 200 ton weight class.

– Made from special cast steel and mass heat treated for maximum structural life under extreme working conditions.

– Roller path, central tooth and pin hole of every single shoe are induction hardened to optimize wear performance under the most severe applications.

Undercarriage Parts Track Chains

NBSJ original undercarriage products superior engineering, innovative technology, comprehensive known-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing guarantee the highest quality of products.

NBSJ Track Link Assemblies and components are manufactured using reverse engineering to ensure compatibility. Designed to withstand heavy loads, NBSJ track links extend the life of your machine’s undercarriage and help you minimize downtime.

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