Wear Protection Attachments

Wear Protection Attachments & Parts

NBSJ Wear Protection is designed to protect your earthmoving machines, buckets and other valuable equipment components so you have less downtime and greater productivity. Our wide variety of product designs and sizes provide you with maximum wear protection in virtually any type of environment or application.

Range of premium protections for buckets. The NBSJ WEAR TECHNOLOGY bucket range also incorporates wear material made of tungsten carbide: wear bars, buttons, block and chockys that reach hardness levels of 700HB. It should also be noted that the tungsten coating can be applied on demand to any brand wear part.

NBSJ wear protection parts play an important role in protecting the most important parts of your machine bucket from the impact and stress of operating in applications from excavating sand and gravel to digging through harsh rock and minerals.

Our range of wear protection parts are available in light duty through to heavy duty depending on your requirements and include heel blocks, wear buttons and donuts, wear plates, chocky bars, side cutters, wing & lip shrouds and grouser bars which can all be easily fitted to your bucket to increase not only its operating life but significantly improve performance.

Heel Blocks help to protect the high wear corner edges on your bucket.
Lip Shrouds provide added protection between the bucket teeth and without them the leading edges of the bucket would remain exposed and quickly wear.

Wing Shrouds are similar to the lip shrouds, but are used to protect the upper and lower side walls of the bucket from wear.

Grouser Bars are used for the replacement track plates and treads on tracked vehicles to extend the life of your steel tracks. They are also used in the general wear protection areas.

Side Cutters act to not only protect the sides of the bucket from wear, but are also affective at cutting the side wall of trenches.

Chocky Bars are a favourite wear protection part, due to its universal use and ease of cutting, shaping and welding over various surfaces.

Wear Buttons are used in extreme wear areas of the bucket, usually on the sides and can be used on a variety of machines including loaders, excavators and dozers.

Wear Donuts act to protect high impact areas on your machine and allow for versatility in layout to suit requirements.

Wear Bars are commonly used in buckets in industries like mining and quarrying. They come in various lengths, grades and sizes and can be customized to your specific requirements. They are harder, tougher and more weldable than any other wear bars.

Wear Plates are made from a white iron layer on mild steel, which assist in decreasing the labour intensive process of welding. It also provides high resistance to wear in both crusher and chute applications.

Wear Protection Attachments & Parts

Chrome White Iron Wear Parts

NBSJ Chocky Bars, Wear Buttons, and Roll Bars are extremely resistant to shock and abrasion, no matter the temperature. Our white iron wear parts are metallurgically bonded with mild steel for easy welding to straight and contoured surfaces on loader buckets, excavator buckets, and drag line buckets. Available in different sizes and a good alternative to hardfacing.

Chocky bars are available up to 240mm long, 150mm wide
Wear buttons are available in diameters up to 150mm
Roll bars are available up to 305mm long, 80mm wide
White iron layer with weldable, impact resistant back plate
Can be applied to straight and contoured bucket surfaces
Hardened to 700+ Brinell for maximum wear resistance

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