Grouser Bars

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Grouser Bar’s can provide increased traction and wear life for your machine.

A worn track shoe can be replaced up to four times, greatly extending the life of your tread on dozer’s, excavators and other tracked machines.

Our grouser bars are available in seven different profiles. With the unique combination of high hardness, toughness and weldability, grouser bar give excellent value for money in many highly abrasive applications. Originally developed as repair parts for under carriage belts, the usage of grouser bars has today evolved into many applications with high requirements of wear resistance and impact strength.

Grouser bars are used in the screening and crushing production as grid bars. They can also be used when repairing track shoes on crawler excavators. These are available in height 24-75 mm and width of 16-45 mm in most suitable cut to length size.

Grouser Bars

NBSJ® grouser bars can be used in many different areas.

Some examples are as grid bars in screening and crushing industry, but mostly they are used to restore the tread on dozers, excavators and other tracked vechicles.

We also produce customized NBSJ® grouser bars.

Let us know what you need and we will get back to you with the drawing and calculation. All you need to do is to approve and order!

When sending a request or order, please send also the following information:
Thickness mm
Width mm
Length mm
Other specificaitons

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