Skid Bars

Skid Bars, Skid Blocks, Skid Plates

NBSJ has established a reputation as the solution for high abrasion and impact in the mining, quarry & construction industries, and has numerous applications in the sugar, recycling, cement, mineral processing and dredging industries among others.

Skid Bars – Retangular & Harringbone

Tapered & rounded edges to deflect impact.
Wear channels which pack with ore creating ore on ore wear.
Various Shapes & Sizes allow for custom configurations to best fit your bucket Simple weld procedure – no pre or post heating required
Superior wear resistance results in greater utilization of your leading assets Domite is 725+ BHN on average lasts 5 – 10x longer than AR500
Skid Plates
Square & Rectangular with Domed Edges

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