Wear Bars & Blocks

Wear Blocks & Bars, Chocky Blocks, Bimetallic Wear Steel Block, Wearable White Iron Laminated Wear Bars, Bucket White Iron Wear products Wear bars and blocks For Mining / Quarrying

Wear bars and blocks are available in thicknesses ranging from 25mm to 100mm, widths from 25mm to 300mm wide and in varying lengths. Popular for use in rock box protection, impact areas and transfer points, bars can be provided with Nelson studs with size and and location to suit.

Easy fitting
Size Variety
High Abrasion Resistance
Impact Resistant
Ease of Installation
No Pre/Post Heating When Welding
700 BHN

Alloy Steel Wear Blocks & Bars for Bucket wear protection parts, the Harshest, Most Abrasive Operating Conditions.

NBSJ provides unparalleled protection in a wide array of applications.

Wear Blocks creates material-on-material wear and prevents the detrimental channel wear common to traditional wear plates with grooves parallel to material flow. And, our thicker profile extends wear life in even the most extreme applications.

Our wear blocks and bars are ideal for:
Buckets (excavator, loader, dragline, and face shovel)
Crusher spider arm guards
Discharge chutes
Rock boxes
Grizzly bars on feeders/shredder/grinding mills
Sugarcane knife edges
Adapters and attachments
Dredging equipment
Screen-feed distribution
Hopper wear areas

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