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Bucket Teeth / Tooth also kown as bucket tips, nails, bucket point, digger buckets & excavator bucket teeth, digger parts. Bucket Adapter / Adaptor also kown as bucket tip holder, bucket point adapter, nail holders, digger buckets & excavator bucket teeth adapters, digger parts. With our advanced investment casting or foringed process, NBSJ GET devotes itself in developing and producing all kinds and full range of high quality bucket teeth & adapters for excavators, loaders and backhoes, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, ESCO, John Deere, JCB, Hitachi, Volvo, Doosan, Hyundai, Hensley, H&L, Kubota, Samsung, Standen, CASE, Yanmar, Kobelco, Terex, Daewoo etc.

Direct replacement teeth and adapters are manufactured using our high performance alloy steel and heat treated to our precise specifications.

Computer design and analysis is employed in the development stages to ensure proper fitment and optimum strength for every part. Efficient processes and state-of-the-art foundry practices allow for competitive pricing of quality parts.

Our teeth and adapters come in a variety of different styles to best suit your needs and machine type. We also offer hardware, pins, and locks and cast backhoe lips.


Choose Replacement Bucket Teeth & Adapter

Simplify the purchase process of your bucket teeth and adaptors


Access China’s largest range of bucket teeth and adaptors for machines used in mining, construction, earthmoving and road maintenance industries.

Minimise wear and replacement schedules

Drive on-site productivity and profitability with less frequent replacement schedules thanks to bucket teeth and adaptors designed to meet the toughest operating conditions to maximise impact and wear resistance.

Cast from high alloy steel, specialised heat treatment ensures uniform through-hardness ratings of to between 450-510 brinell.

This commitment to quality, innovation and your bottom line begins with product design and continues throughout manufacturing in foundries accredited with international quality standards.

Constant improvement and customised products


If you have unique needs or require bucket teeth and adaptors to fit non-standard machines, you can provide those requirements to our China-based R&D team and manufacturing facility who are ready to help.

Cutting Edges’ design and production engineers are always looking for ways to improve existing products or the latest innovation. Helping you extract the most out of your wear parts and ground engaging tools is truly in our DNA. Enquire about customized products for you !

Why Choose Us?


Advanced process – There exists another casting process, precoated sand casting (refer to investment casting vs sand casting), for manufacturing bucket teeth in low production cost. But due to its bad quality, it always cause lots of quality problems, such as bad surface finish, not enough wear resistance, short working life, ect. All these quality issues will result in high frequency replacing of bucket teeth, which is not cost-effective and will add cost at last.

Best performance – Combining unique material with excellent heat treatment, our bucket teeth point can maximize its wear and tear. The shape innovation of bucket tooth make it always stay sharp, help to speed up the bucket loading. Also, our lateral thickening design makes products more wear-resistant and durable!

Perfect appearance – Even if the same production process, the appearance will be different. SJ GET does not only focus on inner quality, but also pay attention on surface finish. Due to our rich production experience, we continuously improve our investment casting process in each procedure, so that we can achieve good surface quality, and try our best to reduce weld repair. Besides, we adopt first class painting in different colors so that it looks glossy and well-marked.

Ningbo located – Based in Ningbo, China, NBSJ GET has a long history and is specialized in supplying various bucket teeth. We all know that Ningbo is the production base of investment castings. So NBSJ GET foundry has the most mature production technology for producing casting bucket teeth. Besides, we enjoy convenient water transportation for Ningbo seaport, which will help you save cost.

With OEM types at hand, we can cast and sell numbers of OEM brands, such as Caterpillar, Komastu, JCB, Hitachi, Volvo, Hyundai, Kobelco, Custom, Daewoo, Bobcat, Case, John Deere, Hitachi, Volov, Doosan, Sanyi etc. Just please kindly offer us the OEM Part Numbers and relevant Brand name of machines. Besides, we can also produce bucket teeth & adapters from our customers’ drawing or samples. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to purchase bucket teeth from our foundry.

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Material of Bucket Teeth & Adapter


Material of bucket teeth & adaptors  in casting and foring from our foundry is low alloy steel with main elements C, Si, Mn, Cr, Al, ect. Besides, to improve the wear resistance for better working performance, we suggest adding some microelements, like Mo, Ni. Below is the detailed chemical composition and mechanical properties of our cast bucket teeth.

Chemical Composition
Mechanical Properties
N/mm²N/mm²A%SurfaceInnerRoom temperature-40℃

Replacement Bucket Teeth & Adapter From NBSJ GET

Process of Bucket Teeth & Adapters


All the bucket teeth and adapters made in our foundry are in lost wax investment casting. Main process for loader & excavator bucket teeth includes: Tooling – Wax Manufacturing – Shell Building – Dewax – Pouring – Cutting – Shot Blasting – Heat Treatment – Painting – Delivery. Check bucket teeth process for detail…


Application of Bucket Teeth & Adapters


Bucket teeth is the wear replacement parts of excavator or loader. Such bucket teeth & adapters will be assembled by a pin, retainer and lock. Then fitted to excavator bucket for working identify & select the right bucket tooth). For its special working condition in soft soil and rock environment, there is a high demand of wear resistance and high impact, thus to longer the working life.

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