Cutting Edge Profiles

Choose Profiles of Your Cutting Edges / Base Edges / Wear Blades / Bucket Protection / Cut Spade Edges / Drilled Standard & Bespoke

Over the last decade NBSJ GET Inc. has become a leading manufacturer of cutting edges and wear blades, for all kinds of machine buckets and numerous mechanical plant suppliers. Our steel suppliers deliver full-size edges and bars that measure over 7.7 metres in length, so we can provide plenty of flexibility when it comes to cutting blades at unorthodox sizes.

A large range of Cutting Edge Profiles are available to suit all types of buckets and blades on earth-moving machinery. Call us for pricing on your custom orders!

Single Bevel base edges

Single Bevel

base edges

Double Bevel wear blades

Double Bevel

wear blades

Non-reverisble blades


Non-reverisble blades

Half Arrow bucket protection

Half Arrow

Half Arrow bucket protection edges

Bespoke edges


Drilled Machine Edges dozer edges, grader edges, scraper edges, loader edges

Cut spade edges


Cut spade edges

Sections end bits heel plates edge segments


dozer loader end bits, heel plates, edge segments

Toe Plates base edges

Toe Plates

Toe Plates, base edges

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