Types of Bucket Teeth and Adapter


The Types of Excavator & Loader Bucket Teeth

It is common sense to choose the right excavator and loader bucket teeth type with the best shape to adapt for the different working condition. But with such a complicated system, most new customers have no idea how to make a decision about the type of bucket teeth. Here are several advices on how to select the exact bucket teeth (used in digger / excavator / wheel loader / backhoe …) based on the different features and benefits as below.

The types of bucket teeth tips by various shapes included: standard long (STD), rock chisel (RC), tiger long (TL), heavy duty long (HD), twin tiger (WTL), penetration (PT), rock penetrator (RP), flat penetrator (SYL) and so on… Types of Bucket Teeth and Adapter

Standard Long (STD)

– Multi-purpose, general duty tooth
– Good choice for most basic applications
– Available in all styles of teeth
– Available for all sizes of equipment

Rock Chisel (RC)

– Best for use on rock or hard ground
– Remains sharp throughout life
– Good leverage takes pressure off machine & bucket improving performance & lifepan

Tiger Long (TL)

– Unmatched penetration in frost, rock or hard-pan conditions
– Stays sharp
– Little wear material = shorter lifespan

Heavy Duty Long (HD)

– Similar to standard long but with much more wear material throughout
– Longest wear life of all the tooth profiles

Twin Tiger (WTL)

– More penetration longer life than Tiger style
– Less leverage than Tiger type requiring more breakout force from the excavator

Penetration (PT)

– Good penetration tooth
– Stays sharp throughout life
– Average wear material
– Good for lightly packed rock shale & clay

Rock Penetrator (RP)

– Good penetration tooth
– Wear material on underside of tooth
– Best for use in rock or hard ground

Flat Penetrator (SYL)

– Good penetration & digging action in most medium to hard pack conditions
– Vertical rib on both sides maintains sharp point with average amount of wear material


The Types of Bucket Adapters

Various shapes of bucket adapters fit your brand machinery bucket tooth point system …

 Types of Bucket Adapters

Type 1 – Bottom Mount

Type 2 – Bottom Mount with Hook

Type 3 – Flush Mount

Type 4 – Leg & Half

Full Top, 1/2 Bottom

Type 5 – Tooth Bar Adapter

Type 6 – Loader Adapter

Full Top, 3/4 Bottom

Type 7 – Excavator Adapter

3/4 Top, Full Bottom

Type 8 – Bolt-on Adapter

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